MATTEO BERTOLIO für LOLITA LOLITA TULUM Pleasure kits, body oils & skin care Shot in in Tulum at the Beach


Pleasure Kits, Body Oils, Skin Care und ab sofort mit neuer Fashion Linie - Matteo BERTOLIO c/o VISUALEYES ARTISTS fotografiert für LOLITA LOLITA TULUM

"A tradition of the family in which our grandmother created creams and products for skin care not to be forgotten, we are now reinventing their recipes. Lolita Lolita Tulum is inspired in a movie based on a novel, where love in new times acquires new forms. LOLITA LOLITA TULUM is a concept that integrates beauty no only on the physical level but on the emotional level too." - Matteo BERTOLIO c/o VISUALEYES lieferte die neuen Bildwelten für...

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