Client Arcades Magazine
Photographer Clara Nebeling c/o AK/KRUSE

PHORM Fashion Label, ARCADES MAG 'Suburbs of Berlin' & MUD JEANS x ROTHOLZ - Kooperation visualisiert von Clara Nebeling c/o AK/KRUSE

Clara Nebeling c/o AK/KRUSE fotografierte für das junge chinesische Fashion Label PHORM in Paris. und fotografierte 'people of Berlin enjoying the cities surrounding lakes for ARCADES MAG issue three: „the suburbs of Berlin“, so AK/KRUSE.

'Clara Nebeling c/o AK/KRUSE shoots Rotholz’s cooperation with MudJeans.Berlin based label Rotholz creates fair Eco fashion in a minimalistic look inspired by japanese design aestethics, dutch Mud Jeans´...

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