Model Alexander c/o brüderchen & schwesterchen

Brüderchen & Schwesterchen besetzen Modelle für VORWERK THERMOMIX Anzeigen, ÜLTJE Anzeigen für Serviceplan, SATURN Werbespot, 'Wohne wie du lebst' LIVIQUE Kampagne für Ammarkt / Zürich und HOME 24 Spot

“Live the way you live” is the motto of the Swiss company LIVIQUE. Just as diverse as the selection of furniture is the choice of models, who were photographed by Yves BACHMANN c/o VISUALEYES in Zurich. Production was also taken care of by GoSee member VISUALEYES for the agency Ammarkt.

“FRANZISKA, ALEXANDRA, JULES, AMIR, and LUCAS stood in front of the camera together for the shoot. Since LIVIQUE was originally a mattress factory, there...

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