As I spent more the 2 months in Peru, the enormous impact of colonial rules everiday lives of all, the priviled and the underprivileged. The way we see beauty as beautiful , is so normalized with skin color and economic status, that most times, most people cannot see or reflect about it. These beautiful children, come from a very poor background, and were casted from a local public school, with parents very suspicious of my intentions , as kidnapping happens every day. After the bridge og good intentions was build, and trust started seeding, these parents and kids blossomed in ways I could never forsee. Annah Segarra , did an amazing job styling on a particular way, inspiring the children with movements and new feelings, as they were absolutly special.

Production Sardine & Kangaroo
Usage AWARDS 2019
Styling Annah Segarra
Hair & Make-up Ingue Zapata
Location Lima- Peru
Model Isabella
Photographer Isabel Pinto
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