In the dark before dawn, the stripped steel and sharp raw body lines of the legendary retro-futuristic classic Delorean make a dramatic entrance into a quiet, unearthly setting. There's a compelling sense that something has just happened and that we see her alone with her thoughts in the aftermath, as the dust settles... before the blast-off for a new day. “I’ve always wanted to shoot this car. I love its iconic style and I wanted to shoot it outdoors with a natural look, but a dusky and mysterious sci-fi atmosphere. We wanted to shoot as much as possible during the ‘blue hour’ just after the sun goes down, to enhance the otherworldly aesthetic of the series.” – Tomek Olszowski

Production Studio Tecza
Usage AWARDS 2019
Post Production Recom Farmhouse
Styling Dorota Magdziarz
Make-up Ewelina Mróz
Model Monika Rybicka
Photographer Tomek Olszowski
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