Richard Gordon, Loved photography too much

Artist Richard Gordon, Untitled, 1972 courtesy Gitterman Gallery
Location Gitterman Gallery NYC, February 1 to April 1, 2017

GoSee Tipp : Richard Gordon, Loved photography too much - Gitterman Gallery zeigt Vintage Erinnerungen und kreative Perspektiven aus New York und von der Westküste

Gitterman Gallery New York entführt uns mit Vintage Aufnahmen von Richard Gordon (1945-2012) in einen visuellen Ausflug in die USA der Siebziger Jahre.... "With the ubiquity of the photographic medium today, Richard Gordon’s work reminds us just how compelling an informed and creative perspective can be. Often his images are witty and quirky and evoke his dry sense of humor. The work in this exhibition was taken primarily in the 1970’s in New...

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