ROLLS-ROYCE PHANTOM SHOT BY BRITISH PHOTOGRAPHER RANKIN - Game of Thrones star Gwendoline Christie features alongside Phantom in short film


The short film celebrates the ‘self-drive’ appeal of the eighth generation of Phantom. The film was premiered at Goodwood’s Festival of Speed and will be shown online on the brand's website.

Director Rankin Photography Ltd
DOP Tony C Miller
Artist Gwendoline Christie
Client Rolls Royce - Phantom
Production THE GRAFT
Advertising Agency Rankin
Creative Director Vicky Lawton c/o Tonic Reps
Producer Claire Luka
Post Production No8 LDN
Styling Anna Hughes Chamberlain
Press Beverley Luckings
Photographer Rankin
Executive Producer Nicola Kenney
Strategy/Insights Laura Cooper
Creatives Julia Salotti, Jess Ardizzone

'Helping to make brands freshly relevant to a complex world...' - From Rankin the man, to RANKIN the company, official one-stop-shop agency launch September 2019 und Q&A mit Richard Pinder, CEO RANKIN auf GoSee

In the ever-changing, ever-evolving era of creative industries comes the need for an agency to cut through the bull. Enter: RANKIN. Once known as simply one man, now an amalgamation of the independent operations Tonic Reps, The Full Service, Rankin Photography and Rankin Film; all tidied up in one neat creative package.

RANKIN is now a one-stop-shop, with one easy-to-remember name. Bringing together all the many creative facets of the...

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