STINK Photography Vitali GELWICH for GALVAN

STINK Photography Vitali GELWICH for GALVAN


Vital GELWICH for GALVAN Campaign PF19

Make-up Stella von Senger
Model Taja Feistner
Casting Dominik Who
Photographer Vitali GELWICH c/o Stink

Galvan London - A new kind of evening wear. Vitali GELWICH c/o STINK fotografiert Top Model Taja Feistner für die GALVAN FS19 Kampagne

"STINK is proud to announce that Vitali GELWICH shot the new GALVAN PF19 campaign. With his iconic style Vitali once again captured GALVAN's product in a radically modern but elegant way." so STINK zu GoSee. Vor seiner Kamera das US-amerikanische Top Model Taja Feistner, Casting by Dominik Wimmer.

GALVAN über GALVAN: "Created by women, for women. Founders Anna-Christin Haas, Sola Harrison, Katherine Holmgren and Carolyn Hodler came...

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