Warrior with a Crown

Warrior with a Crown

Director JMP
Client Ugo Cacciatori
Production Azziuc
TV Producer Azziuc
Editing JMP
Music Sporting Life
Model Francesco Cuizza
Co-Director Francesco Cuizza

Niccolo Montanari presents on GoSee : Warrior with a Crown - the new Fashion Film by JMP and Francesco Cuizza, in Collaboration mit dem Schmucklabel Ugo Cacciatori

Niccolo Montanari presents an unusual short film on GoSee created in collaboration with jewelry label Ugo Cacciatori: 'Warrior with a Crown' is the first fashion film co-directed by LA-based photographer and filmmaker JMP and model Francesco Cuizza, signed with Storm Management. The film takes the viewer on the journey to become aware that fear and failure are merely man-made illusions. The short film addresses how our need to conquer is just...

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