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news | ISABEL PINTO präsentiert neues Kids Editorial für Hooligans Magazine auf GoSee und appeliert an die Schönheit der menschlichen Diversität

ISABEL PINTO zeigt uns hier bei GoSee ein weiteres Kids Editorial, das sie im HOOLIGANS MAGAZIN veröffentlichte. Auf Location in Portugal inszenierte sie die William, 12, und Dylan, 8, von der Agentur Sugar Kids aus Barcelona, Christina Kapongo übernahm das Styling.

'I grew up in Mozambique, but after the Portuguese revolution, as many other Portuguese African families, I had to move to Portugal. It is where I became a photographer and working mostly in the fashion industry.It always surprised me how over the years, the beauty ideal for our clients brands was always white, blonde, blue eyes... The editorial world has opened over the last years to other races, especially for blacks. But not the comercial world! They are still not daring, afraid of loosing sales, I do hope to see in my life time, a courageous brand, that dares to communicate its image in an inclusive way, that sees beauty in our diverse humanity and understands its value as the way to go, to make meaningful changes in...

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