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news | ISABEL SCHARENBERG CREATIVE MANAGEMENT : HUE 2020 Kampagne, VICTORIA'S SECRET, Apple Workshop & Personal Work .... Latest news from Illustrator Lily Qian für Euch auf GoSee

Sleepwear, Denim, Leggings ..... Die Hintergründe zur aktuellen HUE 2020-Kampagne stammen von der New Yorker Illustratorin Lily QIAN c/o ISABEL SCHARENBERG CREATIVE MANAGEMENT. HUE über HUE: “In 1978, HUE was launched when two New York City artists dyed Chinese slippers in FABULOUS colors and the fashion world went WILD! From there, FASHION-FORWARD legwear was a natural evolution.

Today, HUE designs and markets the most fashionable legwear, leggings and sleepwear around the world! HUE has been the freshest, most innovative – and colorful! – force in fashion legwear for more than three decades. From always up-to-the-minute leggings to fashion sheers and socks, HUE brings a light-hearted approach to fashion that makes it easy to effortlessly express personal style.”

Ausserdem zeigen wir Euch auf GoSee Lily Qians Arbeiten für VICTORIA'S SECRET, einen Einblick in ihren Apple-Workshop und eine freie Beauty-Arbeit, entstanden in Zusammenarbeit mit Armin ZOGBAUM, ebenfalls c/o ISCM aka...

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