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news | featured by Andreas Ortner : Slapy Castle revisited .... - ANDREAS ORTNER fotografiert Supermodel Barbora Podzimkova für die VOGUE Ukraine im geheimnisumwitterten Slapy Castle vor den Toren Prags

“The former baroque and later classicistic castle was radically demolished by entrepreneur and banker Theodor Bondy, and in the years from 1928 to 1930, a magnificent castle in pseudo-baroque style was built in the same place. After 1945, a top secret training center was located there – managed by the Czech Secret Police (State Security or StB) – for various foreign secret service agents (mostly Arabian). After 1990, the castle remained empty, and from time to time, several outdoor movie scenes were filmed on the premises.” wikimapia.org/Slapy-Castle

ANDREAS ORTNER fotografierte Supermodel Barbora Podzimkova in dem so schönen wie sagenumwobenen Slapy Castle vor den Toren Prags für die VOGUE Ukraine. Das zeitlos-schöne und dem Ort mehr als angemessene Styling stammt von Jana Kapounova, Hair Petra Mechurova, Makeup Hristina Georgievska, Production Martin Luigi und Art Director war In the Headroom.

About – Slapy Castle. When you hear Slapy, the Slapy Dam and its numerous romantic coves...

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