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featured by Andreas Ortner : Slapy Castle revisited .... - ANDREAS ORTNER fotografiert Supermodel Barbora Podzimkova für die VOGUE Ukraine im geheimnisumwitterten Slapy Castle vor den Toren Prags

“The former baroque and later classicistic castle was radically demolished by entrepreneur and banker Theodor Bondy, and in the years from 1928 to 1930, a magnificent castle in pseudo-baroque style was built in the same place. After 1945, a top secret training center was located there – managed by the Czech Secret Police (State Security or StB) – for various foreign secret service agents (mostly Arabian). After 1990, the castle remained empty, and from time to time, several outdoor movie scenes were filmed on the premises.” wikimapia.org/Slapy-Castle

ANDREAS ORTNER fotografierte Supermodel Barbora Podzimkova in dem so schönen wie sagenumwobenen Slapy Castle vor den Toren Prags für die VOGUE Ukraine. Das zeitlos-schöne und dem Ort mehr als angemessene Styling stammt von Jana Kapounova, Hair Petra Mechurova, Makeup Hristina Georgievska, Production Martin Luigi und Art Director war In the Headroom.

About – Slapy Castle. When you hear Slapy, the Slapy Dam and its numerous romantic coves and natural sceneries instantly spring to mind. But from a cinematographic point of view, there is one place even more praised – with its beauty, the castle in Slapy has already won quite a few film roles. When approaching the castle, your eyes will fall upon an oval pond. If you watch its surface closely, you will see a slight ripple. That’ll just be memories coming back to you, memories of dressed wealthy people, naked wives of German soldiers, and war veterans with missing limbs bathing! The film I Served the King of England offers a range of various views of the castle.

The most beautiful of all is the one you experience in person. After walking through the door, you will feel the rich and colorful history running through your body with the first breath you take. Habermann and his family in the film Habermann’s Mill had a christening party for his child there, until it was interrupted by SS officer Kozlowski. The authors of the popular Czech TV series První republika (The First Republic) soon realized how very convenient this location is; they even used its services twice in the production. It served as a first-class hotel and as a brothel. What will you see when you come for a visit? Let that be a surprise! GoSee:
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featured by Andreas Ortner : Facade - ANDREAS ORTNER fotografiert Superstar Eva Klimkova für die Juni-Ausgabe 2020 des DOLCE VITA Magazins

Eva Klímková, tschechisches Model und Gewinnerin des Wettbewerbs Elite Model Look Czech Republic sowie des internationalen Wettbewerbs Elite Model Look International 2013, ist der Cover-Star des DOLCE VITA Magazins Juni 2020, fotografiert von ANDREAS ORTNER. Gestylt wurde die schöne und international derzeit sehr angesagte Eva von GoSee Member Jana Kapounova. Hair und Makeup by Hristina Georgievska und Marty Till.

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Schauspielerin Tereza Srbova in der PIETRO FILIPI FS 2020 Kampagne - Styling JANA KAPOUNOVA

JANA KAPOUNOVA war verantwortlich für die federleicht-frischen Looks der FS 2020 Kampagne des tschechischen Designers PIETRO FILIPI. Vor der Kamera von Hana Knížova stand die bezaubernde Schauspielerin Tereza Srbova. Die tschechische Schauspielerin ist vor allem für ihre Rollen in David Cronenbergs 'Eastern Promises', Trevor Nunns 'Red Joan' an der Seite von Dame Judi Dench und den Cinemax-Serien 'Strike Back' bekannt.

Für die aktuelle Kollektion liess sich Modedesignerin Monika Drápalová von dem antiken griechischen Mythos über Narziss, dem schönen Sohn des Flussgottes Kephissos und der Leiriope, inspirieren. Narziss, der die Liebe von Jünglingen und Mädchen zurückwies und sich in sein eigenes Spiegelbild verliebte, um sich ein Leben lang nach dieser illusion zu verzehren.

Pietro Filipi: "Das aktuelle Thema der Suche nach Schönheit spiegelt den aktuellen Trend der Selbstdarstellung und der Entstehung von Illusionen wider."

Jana Kapounova: "The campaign combines sexy outfits with modern silhouettes and glamorous details. The natural look is underscored with makeup by Hristina Georgievska and hair by Martin Tyl." 

About - PIETRO FILIPI. An authentic Czech brand with the Italian flair for life, beauty and fashion. The Czech fashion brand that is a synonym for designer clothing for elegant and demanding men and women. More than 20 years. More than 50 shops. In 7 countries world-wide. GoSee: pietro-filipi.com

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