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Jeff Ludes fotografiert einen Vintage Toyota an der Küste Oregons

"You can find anything on eBay! I found an 80s-vintage Patagonia jacket, perfect for this project with a 1985 Toyota FJ60. Together with a local surfer, we made the drive from Portland to the coast, shooting all along the way. Amazingly, we were greeted with clear skies- very welcome when you're up at sunrise to surf, or to shoot." Oregon ist ein nordamerikanischer Küstenstaat im Pazifischen Nordwesten, sprich oberhalb Kaliforniens, und bekannt für seine vielseitige Landschaft mit Wäldern, Bergen, malerischen Bauernhöfen und Stränden. Seht das Ergebnis von Transportation-Fotograf JEFF LUDES hier für Euch auf GoSee.
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Kia 'Spirit Animals' - eine ungewöhnliche Social Media Kampagne von Jeff Ludes

Transportation Fotograf JEFF LUDES und sein Team verbrachten einige Tage in den Bergen der kalifornischen Sierra Nevada, wo sie eine ungewöhnliche Social Media Kampagne für den südkoreanischen Autohersteller KIA umsetzten. Statt eines Hamsters, griff KIA dieses Mal auf größere Tiere zurück... "The amazing concept paired each vehicle with a "spirit animal", that best suited its character and abilities. Professional handlers brought in the trained animals, giving Jeff the freedom to get really close and capture some unique images. The best part was seeing the animals enjoy themselves in the snow, something they don't get much of in Southern California."
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Der Launch des neuen HONDA PASSPORT, fotografiert von JEFF LUDES

Der japanische Autobauer HONDA hat auf der Autoshow in Los Angeles den komplett neuen Passport vorgestellt, der in den USA Anfang 2019 an den Start geht. Fotografiert wurde der Mittelklasse-SUV von GoSee Member JEFF LUDES. "Thinking back to warmer days in 2018, I had the pleasure of shooting images for the first Honda Passport to be made in over 15 years. Things were complicated slightly because the vehicle was strictly secret and not able to be shot in public locations. So to capture its rugged outdoor abilities, I first took a small team to Colorado and Utah, shooting backgrounds on mountainsides, forests, deserts, and the city too. With an excellent library of images complete, everyone gathered with the vehicles in the California desert, shooting carefully to match angles and lighting, not to mention integrating talent. Once in post, all the parts came together seamlessly. But all the effort paid off with a great collection of images in amazing locations."
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