COMPANY // zerone

LOCATION // Hamburg, Deutschland

We are not only looking for a CGI-ARTIST.

We are looking for a superhero, a polygon juggler, a storyteller, a serial start-upper, a lighting wizard, an enthusiasm enabler, a passionate 3D photographer, a daredevil, a teamplayer, a shader guru, a 3D-layer lover, an automotive specialist, a brilliant mind, a rendering evangelist, a super geek, a VRed genius, a workaholic, a 3D pipeline developer, an award winner, an animation junky, a visionary, a world traveller, a crazy brain, a serendipity believer, a dataprep champion, a 3D landscape creator, an innovator, a customer enthusiast, a photo realistic image visualizer, a hungry talent.*

Do you think, you are our dream candidate for this awesome job at our headquarters in Hamburg or Pforzheim? If so, please send us your application with portfolio to: jointhebest@zerone-group.de

*Your skills should include: creative thinking, excellent knowledge of your tools (VRED or 3DS MAX or MAYA), a photographic approach to images, expert experience in automotive visualisation.