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featured by GoSeeAWARDS : JOSEPH FORD gewinnt mit 'Knitted Camouflage' ART Gold bei den GOSEEAWARDS - Prints aus seinem Siegerprojekt über optische Illusionen ab sofort in seinem GoSeeSHOP und als Bildband 'Invisible Jumpers' bei Hoxton Press erhältlich

'Knitted Camouflage' heisst das Projekt von JOSEPH FORD, mit dem er bei den GoSeeAWARDS Gold in der Kategorie ART gewonnen hat und die Juroren begeisterte. Hierfür fotografiert er Models, die scheinbar vor ihrer Umgebung zu verschwinden scheinen. Hilfsmittel sind die eigens von Strick-Profi Nina Dodd erstellten Pullover, die den Look der Hintergründe imitieren. Das Siegerprojekt erschien gerade als Bildband ‘Invisible Jumpers’ bei Hoxton Press und ausgewählte Bilder aus 'Knitted Camouflage' kann man ab sofort in seinem GoSeeSHOP kaufen.

'I love optical illusions, whether it be with changing scales or with blending objects together. With this series I have worked on matching people to their landscapes through custom-made knitwear. Each of these pictures has taken me weeks to research and plan, and I’ve given the knitter, Nina Dodd, a precise brief on exactly how the design should match the background. She has spent weeks knitting for each one. I have generally begun with an idea: ‘Could I photograph someone blending into cherry blossom?’ Then I go looking for the perfect location. The locations have to be eye-catching but simple enough to be able to be knitted. They also have to be places that aren’t going to change too fast, as the knitting takes a few weeks. It would have been terrible to prepare a sweater and then not be able to shoot because the location has been demolished. Once I’ve found the location, I photograph someone standing where I would like the model to be in the final picture. I draw over this scouting photograph and annotate the picture with different colours and patterns so Nina can plan how to knit. Often there are 10 or 12 different shades of yarn in a single picture, and up to 24 balls of wool at any one time for the more complicated designs. The choice of yarn has varied according to the background: the blue running track had a shiny surface so we found a fine cotton with a sheen to it.'

Joseph FORD c/o COSMOPOLA began his adult life sensibly enough by studying French and Italian at the University of Cambridge and the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris, then horrified his parents by moving to Paris to be a photographer. His personal work has won him numerous awards and has inspired films and campaigns for LVMH, Missoni, Lacoste and many others. He is regularly featured on Colossal, Fubiz, PDN, Design Boom and other art/design blogs.

His work concentrates on optical illusions. With his Aerial Fashion series he blended landscapes shot from helicopters with still life close-ups of clothes. His Knitted Camouflage series uses custom hand-knitted sweaters to make people disappear into their environments. His work is in various private collections and in the permanent collection of the Hamburg Art and Design Museum and the Musée d’Art Urbain & Street Art in France, and has been exhibited as part of numerous festivals, including the Zürich Aufsehen festival and the Andorra Land Art Biennale. Joseph is based in the UK.

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