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Celebrity Fotograf PEROU c/o JSR Agency portraitiert Marilyn Manson, Sängerin Lorde für the Guardian und James Blunt für die Cover-Story des EVENT MAG

Celebrity Fotograf PEROU fotografierte  für das EVENT MAGAZINE den Weltstar James Blunt für die aktuelle Coverstory: "My home? An island in the sun. My wife? A stunning aristocrat. My friends? Pop stars and princes. My life? Yes... It's beautiful! James Blunt on why he doesn't care if the critics say he's wet.."

THE GUARDIAN beauftragte PEROU die erfolgreiche Sängerin Lorde für das Weekend Magazin zu fotografieren. Lorde wurde als Joan of Arc von Andie Redman gestylt (Hair: Charley McEwen, Makeup: Amber Dreadon).

"Celebrity photographer PEROU has worked a lot with Marilyn Manson over the last 20 years. Most recently he shot the controversial artist's highly anticipated new album artwork and press pictures in LA. Five days before the shoot PEROU had broken his knee skiing but the shoot went on as planned. This is the first release from that Manson vs PEROU collaboration," so JSR AGENCY.

Photographer PEROU shoots some of the most iconic names in music, sports, fashion and film. Based in London, working worldwide, PEROU is a camera eye for hire, a creative director, photographer and director.  He followed Marilyn Manson on a world tour and directed the award winning rockumentary 'God is in the TV'. He has said that he would like to think that there isn’t anyone that he wouldn’t photograph. If time wasn't an issue, he might actually get around to photographing 'everyone'!

PEROU’s ambition has led him to photograph for some of the world's super-brands and celebrities, actors and musicians and has photographed advertising campaigns for the likes of Adidas, Pearl Drops, Benetton, Investec and Nair.  He regularly gets commissioned to photograph fashion legends and editorial features for Vanity Fair, The Guardian, GQ, Dazed and Confused and Esquire. In 2016 PEROU won the photography category run by Creativepool Annual for his personal project 'Coulrophobia' – a series of self-portrait photographs of clown faces by renowned make-up artists and MAC cosmetics.

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'Dare to Be Different' Kampagne mit Animation von Luke Waller c/o JSR AGENCY und weitere Arbeiten des Illustrators auf GoSee

"Hand drawn illustrator Luke Waller created this fabulous animation for Dare to Be Different campaign. A high-profile new initiative that aims to inspire, connect and celebrate women who work in every aspect of motor sport. Dare To Be Different is about increasing female participation, not just on the track but in all aspects of the sport and other perceived male-dominated industries. It will achieve this in two key areas – creating an expansive online community, and bringing young girls (aged 8-14) together with some of the sports’ most inspiring women in a series of special events.

Based in Bath, Illustrator Luke Waller works regularly for clients such as The Financial Times, BA Highlife Magazine, Market Life Magazine and BBC History.  His unique colour palette and instantly recognisable hand drawn style adapt beautifully to the editorial, publishing and advertising markets. You may also have seen him venture into the world of fashion - nothing is off limits!  Luke is illustrating his own book based on true stories from his father and uncle’s time in the Police in his spare time..." so die JSR AGENCY über die Arbeit des Illustrators.
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De Beers Diamonds in Szene gesetzt von John Bennett c/o JSR AGENCY

Still Life Luxury Fotograf John Bennett fotografierte eine Schmuckserie für DE BEERS, die Digital und für Socia Media eingesetzt werden.

John Bennett is a photographer specialising in jewellery and luxury fashion accessories. His love of still life imagery stems from a fascination with composition, the space between objects, the beautiful forms that they create.  To photograph luxury jewellery and high-end accessories is notoriously difficult but John's skill and experience makes it look effortless. His immaculate lighting techniques and photography skills have won him a prestigious list of commercial clients including De Beers, Chanel, Harrods and Holland & Holland.
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