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Get Fit mit APPLE - Ruby FRESSON c/o JSR AGENCY illustriert für APPLE zum Thema 'Workout at home'

APPLE Inc beauftragte Ruby FRESSON c/o JSR AGENCY in ihrem einzigartigen und unverwechselbaren Stil eine Illustration anzufertigen, die uns unser 'Workout at Home' unverkrampft näherbringen soll. Verwendung findet das liebevoll von Hand illustrierte Motiv im App Store, dort wo gerade unzählige Apps um Deine Aufmerksamkeit buhlen. 

JSR AGENCY : "With the majority of exercising still happening at home, Ruby created this stunning illustration to help showcase all of the apps that’ll help you reach your fitness goals from the comfort of your living room, garden or even the attic!" 
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What’s next in the future of corporate finance? - CORPORATE FINANCIER Magazine cover by illustrator Alán GUZMAN c/o JSR AGENCY

Alán GUZMAN c/o JSR AGENCY was commissioned by SUNDAY PUBLISHING to create futuristic, graffiti-style type for the cover and feature of CORPORATE FINANCIER magazine. The article examined what’s next in the future of corporate finance during this challenging year. Award-winning Corporate Financier magazine is published ten times a year for members, stakeholders and key associates of the Corporate Finance Faculty. GoSee : icaew.com
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@hopenothate - The Black History Month collaboration for EASTPAK by illustrator Cathal DUANE c/o JSR AGENCY on the subject of Allyship (hopenothate.org.uk)

To celebrate Black History Month, Illustrator Cathal Duane collaborated with Eastpak and ‘Hope Not Hate’ to create this incredible illustration on the subject of ‘Allyship’. Allyship is a lifelong process of building relationships based on trust, consistency, and accountability with marginalized individuals and/or groups of people. DUANE c/o JSR AGENCY skillfully illustrated the need for difficult conversations in order to acknowledge the reality of racism.

Cathal DUANE c/o JSR : “I recently had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with @eastpak on their campaign to celebrate Black History Month. They will be sharing the work of artists of color and allies each week. My illustration focuses on people getting out of their comfort zones and overcoming the awkward obstacles that block the constructive and valuable conversations required to help acknowledge the reality of racism.”

Cathal is an Irish illustrator based in France. His work consists of highly figurative forms, smart compositions and joyful color schemes. He is represented by JSR and has been longlisted for the AOI World Illustration Award 2020. GoSee : hopenothate.org.uk
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