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JSR AGENCY : freut sich über das erste Artist Signing in 2020: Herzlich Willkommen Agustina Gastaldi, Letter & Paper Artist aus Barcelona

Der erste JSR Agentur-NEUzugang in 2020 heisst Agustina Gastaldi und ist eine spanische Künstlerin spezialisiert auf Lettering, Paper Craft und natürlich Illustration. Ursprünglich Industrial Product Design Studentin, fand Agustina schnell ihren Weg hin zu ihrer grossen Leidenschaft, dem weiten Feld des Graphic Designs. Nach ihrem Universitätsabschluss arbeitete Agustina dann für das berühmte Barcelonesische Vasava Studio für Kunden wie Nike, PUIG, Uniqlo, Hotel Ritz, Atlético de Madrid, Moët Chandon, Mango, EasyJet, Estrella Damm ..... um nur einige zu nennen.

JSR über Agustina : "Inspired by the passion to create without limitation, and not wanting to do things by halves, Agustina recently went freelance and moved to Mexico! Since then her creative goal has been to create graphic images with analog and digital elements using a myriad of techniques including stop motion, 3D, papercraft and photography."

Agustina arbeitete erst kürzlich für Kunden wie bspw. Women's Health, America Music, The Washington Post, ULO, HotpointApp, Macmillan und den Golden Globe Awards.
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Facebook, Nike, John Lewis, Bombay Sapphire, Stylist Magazine, The Washington Post, .... JSR AGENCY, London, freut sich über Illustratoren-NEUzugang Ana JAKS

Bristol-based illustrator Ana JAKS, known for her vector & visual identity illustration, joins the JSR roster. Ana has a love for shape, color, pattern and inclusivity that is reflected throughout her work. Easily adaptable, Ana has worked successfully across a diverse range of different projects from editorial to murals. Her specialty and passion lie in visual identity work.

Ana is an award-winning illustrator and received the New Talent Award in 2018 at the AOI World Illustration Awards for a visual identity project she created for Facebook. She studied for a BA in Illustration at Falmouth University, an MA in Visual Communications at Bath Spa and has been working independently as a freelance illustrator since 2015.

Her clients include Facebook, Nike, John Lewis, Bombay Sapphire, Stylist magazine, The Washington Post and many more.
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JSR AGENCY präsentiert 'Big Cats' von Modefotograf und Portrait-Spezialist PEROU auf GoSee und als XXL Prints im London Bridge Station

JSR AGENCY präsentiert hier bei GoSee das aktuelle Projekt von PEROU: 'One of the Uk's most recognised photographers PEROU has shot an incredible series of portraits, stepping out of his usual comfort zone of rock stars and celebrities and capturing the raw stunning beauty and power of big cats.

Shot entirely on location at Kent's Big Cat Sanctuary, this is a showcase of the endangered cats given protection and support in a bespoke site in the English countryside.The sanctuary is a dedicated space devoted to caring and breeding threatened felines, and this showcase of the big cats provides a unique insight into these magnificent animals. This epic display of public work, will raise awareness of the big cats’ vulnerability in the world and promote the work of the Big Cat Sanctuary.

All 40 of the startling 2-metre sized images are displayed at London Bridge station till February, providing the public with a unique opportunity to meet these magnificent cats up close and personal.

Perou's innovative approach to this project has resulted in images that blur the distinction between wildlife and fashion photography: “Most people photograph big cats from a distance in daylight (for good reason) so I decided to enter the lions’ den (literally not metaphorically) and set up a photo studio there to photograph these magnificent animals the same way I would photograph a rock star or a fashion model.”
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