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It comes as no surprise, yet I’m at a loss for words, upon how life can offer up a cache of experiences to be played out once again. During the past summer and fall months, I had been redesigning and organizing my two car garage into a new Photographic Workshop. A new “legacy space” as I call it, since I did not build it initially, but it’s a perfect fit. My father, in the wake of his passing, had left behind a full carpentry workspace, and since day one, he never used the garage to park any car. This space has always been and will be a playground of ideas, and the executions of visual concepts. When I began my life as a photographer, it began around 1980 during my last years in High School. My first “muse” and girlfriend at the time, was fearless in where she was placed in a location, clothed or not, and in what she was doing, or how she was posed. It never became an issue; she was game for anything.

This gave me a wonderful palette to create with, and she too enjoyed the...

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