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Ezekiel 36:36 by NICK BALLON
In Ezekiel 36:36 photographer Nick Ballon’s fascination and personal connection with Bolivia is brought to life with his documentation of Lloyd Aéreo Boliviano (LAB), one of the world’s oldest surviving airlines. Founded in 1925, it has played an important role in every stage of the country’s history. Since its privatisation in 1994, LAB has suffered at the hands of successive administrations, becoming gradually dismantled due to chronic mismanagement and corruption. Currently under threat of closure and with its downed fleet of aircraft slowly crumbling away, this airline continues to survive through the loyalty and faith of its remaining 180 staff.

Sensitive to this poignant and transitional time, Ballon has spent six months recording the present day story of LAB. He has created a series of images, which evoke a sense of dignity, allowing us to share intimate moments with the people and personalities still on the airline’s fragile payroll. Together with the Bolivian born writer Amaru Villanueva Rance’s narrative, this is the first time that LAB has been so extensively portrayed in both words and images, and the first time that the story has been told.

The book’s title Ezekiel 36:36 refers to the name of the only plane LAB currently has in operation, renamed after it narrowly avoided a tragic accident. Ezekiel 36:36 has in many ways become a metaphor for the story of Bolivia and its people: Resigned to look back at past glory and grandeur which is at once half-imagined and half-remembered. There is a paradoxical sense of loss and optimism, which resonates throughout and as the narrative unfolds you can’t help but feel that Ballon’s presentation of LAB relates to us all in some way.

Ezekiel 36:36 includes a booklet which documents another side of LAB, showcasing archive imagery taken by staff during the heyday, coupled with dynamic graphic design and typography that was created in house using a technique called Rubylith.

KK Outlet, 42 Hoxton Square, London N1 6PB.
from 2nd – 31st August.
Opening hours are 9am – 6pm, Monday – Friday and on Saturdays 12pm – 5pm.

1st Edition £25 – Edition of 500 with booklet each with a unique airline ticket. Artists Edition £75 – Edition of 50 as above plus signed artist print.
Available to buy from and specialized bookshops.

Concept and Photography by Nick Ballon, Edited and Produced by Lu Bowan, Design and Art Direction by StudioThomson, Writing by Amaru Villanueva Rance, Nick Ballon & Lu Bowan conceived the online platform ( as an extension of Ezekiel 36:36. © // 0 files show complete blog

Knotan - The Nude, Portrait für die Alben
From time to time Seltmann & Söhne release a themed book showcasing the best photographers in a particular subject matter. When the theme of nudity was proposed, it came as no surprise that Knotan would be one of the photographers asked to take part. His contribution, a self-portrait in which he wears nothing but a stiff buttoned-up shirt and a serious expression, shows the ironic twist of his own approach to nudity.

To celebrate the release of the book, we’ve issued an accompanying postcard of Knotan’s portrait with its own removable sticker which may then be placed anywhere on the original portrait of his body. The campaign has been met with great success, many people have posted humorous photographs of their own interpretations on Facebook. So if there’s a danger your delicate sensibilities have been offended by the works on pages 67/68 of Nudealbum 01, now’s your chance to take revenge and be creative with our humble little censor bar.
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Viral for BOSCH Quigo.
Viral for BOSCH Quigo. What is "Quigo" ? Read it in the upcoming GoSee FILM NEWS. © // 1 file show complete blog
MOVIE // Christa Klubert Photographers: Martin W. MAIER for BOSCH