Bo Hylén c/o Christa Klubert Photographers

Additional Info // about Bo Hylén

Swedish born photographer BO HYLÉN started out his creative career as an art director at a Stockholm ad agency. Bo then relocated to Cape Town, South Africa. After a short visit back in Sweden Bo moved to Los Angeles where he opened his own studio and started working as a still life photographer. He accomplished several jobs for the advertising agency Chiat/Day (TBWA), the two biggest account being Apple and Nissan/ Infiniti. More car accounts followed. Bo has for the last twenty years, been working for a number of major ad agencies and car accounts that has been shot all over the world. Bo Hylén focuses on shooting car advertisements that depict his fondness of motion and dynamics. His photographs resemble imposing paintings, in which vehicles and landscapes form a whole and evoke the impression of wild animals in their natural surroundings rather than cars. Unlike any other photographer, Hylén visually communicates the idea of the pleasure of driving, and has molded his unique style into the visual language of contemporary automobile advertisement. Recently Bo has had two exhibitions of his private work. 2008 in Berlin and 2009 in Stockholm.
Bo now lives in Europe. He moved to France and has also an office in Stockholm.