Damien Vignaux c/o Christa Klubert Photographers

LOCATIONS //   Berlin

About // Damien Vignaux

Damien Vignaux: Adidas, Nike, Saint Laurent
Damien Vignaux links photography, moving images, and illustration into a new form of holistic visuality. He tells sensual stories and blurs the boundaries between disciplines. In order to balance his three passions, and keep reinventing himself, he travels a lot. This passion is reflected in his works, and his creative energy enables him to express himself uniquely in any place on earth.
The multitalented Damien Vignaux grew up in the south of France, and since this time has always felt d… read more

Clients // of Damien Vignaux

His clients include Saint Laurent, Adidas, Nike, Swatch, Arte, EMI, Universal, MTV, Redbull, Sunday Times, Warner, Air Canada just to name a few.