Julia Fullerton-Batten c/o Christa Klubert Photographers

Additional Info // about Julia Fullerton-Batten

 "Good lord! An artist!" is the first thought one would have about Julia. Having become acquainted with her, it is clear that she takes every little detail into consideration, no matter how obscure or complicated it may be. It is almost as if, this woman’s mind is constantly developing the next wonderful project.

Julia makes thoroughly elaborate pictures appear effortless and authentic. Her unique point of view adds something lasting and special to her commercial work and this approach distinguishes her as a remarkable photographer.

She is not only a master in her field but also a genuinely nice person. Needless to be said, her photography is above reproach and highly in demand worldwide.

Armin Jochum, CCO Jung von Matt AG

JULIA FULLERTON-BATTEN was born in Germany and grew up in the United States and Germany. When she was sixteen she moved to England. Since then she has travelled extensively throughout the world. These visits provided plenty of picture material as well as an insight into different cultures. After studying Photography she did work experience with Vogue Magazine, London, where she went on some interesting shoots with wellknown fashion photographers. Then came five years of freelance assisting a wide variety of different photographers. At this point she thought it was time to start looking through the camera herself as a professional, she spent two months travelling in Vietnam. She returned to London with some interesting still-live observations; she was fortunate enough to win a number of Awards with these images. These enhanced her marketing efforts and she got her first big comission: to shoot a cigarette campaign in Australia.