Knotan c/o Christa Klubert Photographers

Additional Info // about Knotan

 ‘A good photographer is more a visual prophet than maker of visual imagery - Knotan is such a prophet’
Stefan Scheer, CD Scheer Werbeagentur, Düsseldorf

Swedish photographer Knotan is known for his wild, sexually charged, yet humorous photographs whose eye-catching nature have made him one of the most popular Scandinavian fashion photographers. Born in 1973, Knotan grew up in a small industrial town and originally trained as a welder, but in his early twenties he decided to move to Stockholm and study photography. Nowadays Knotan is best known for his seductive photographs, however he started off his career shooting portraits of music bands such as The Kills, The Hives, The Strokes and Frida Hyvönen.

His work is not concerned with the Photoshopped sheen of many of today’s advertising campaigns, as he prefers to get up close and personal with his subjects. By allowing his subjects to be playful and provocative, he captures moments of spontaneity which reflect the vulnerability but also the confidence of this generation. This unique ability is much sought-after in the advertising world, and Knotan has shot campaigns for big names in the industry.