Tillmann Franzen c/o Christa Klubert Photographers

LOCATIONS //   Düsseldorf

About // Tillmann Franzen

Tillmann Franzen began taking photos as a little boy. From this point, he discovered his fascination for converting light and perspectives into images. For his studies, he left his home Swabia to attend the Folkwang Hochschule (Folkwang University) in Essen, eventually ending up in Düsseldorf where he now resides and works.
Tillmann Franzen’s photography impresses through his manifold choice of topics. Instead of focussing on one particular theme, according to the photographer… read more

Clients // of Tillmann Franzen

AD, Audi China, BFS - Bank für Sozialwirtschaft, BMW, brandeins, C & A, Consors Magazin, DKV Euroservice, EON, Form, Glanzstück Magazin, Ipuri Magazin, Knaus Caravans, Kunstrasen Magazin, Kunstsammlung K21, Linde AG, Mazine Streetwear, Monopol, Nigura - a rodenstock company, RWE, Rund Magazin, SPD, Stern, ThyssenKrupp, Wirtschaftswoche etc.