Sandra Beer

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About // Sandra Beer

Illustrator and designer Sandra Beer was born in Frankfurt, where she lives and works when she is not travelling the globe for work and inspiration.

Sandra's preferred medium is India ink on paper. Her sketch-worlds are mainly built by hand and are intuitive, naive, playful and elegant.
She illustrates books, music artworks, posters and fashion illustration.

Studying at Offenbach Academy of Art and Design. 2008 Mini Academy, Art Project,
drawing and painting classes as tutor. 2005-2012 University of Art and Design Offenbach, Illustration classes … read more

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image // Sandra Beer // Portraits - Freie Arbeit
image // Sandra Beer // Portraits - Freie Arbeit
image // Sandra Beer // Stadtplan Frankfurt für Toyota
image // Flüchtlingsmädchen für Literatur-Spiegel
image // Sandra Beer für "Schweizer Familie"
image // Sandra Beer für Eltern
image // Sandra Beer für Eltern
image // "Robotermärchen"
image // "Robotermärchen"
image // "Robotermärchen"
image // "Robotermärchen"

Clients // of Sandra Beer

2012 WE + YOU = WE, Mitte Artspace Barcelona
2009 Work in progress at Heinrich Hoffman Sommer, Atelierschiff Frankfurt am Main
2009 VIKING PRIDE, Atelierschiff Frankfurt
am Main

2012 Sushi 14 Magazin, Art Directors Club Germany
2012 Familienjahrbuch Chrisman Verlag
2012 Vogue Germany
2011 Fräulein Magazin
2011 Children`s Book, Rafik Schami,
Chrismon Verlag
2010 Supaclusta Magazin #1
2010 Salon Magazin #3, BamBamCollective
2… read more