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About Linda Leitner

Grewing up in a winter sport resort in Austria, defined her first steps in photography. Linda firstly established her carreer in action sports photography, and soon she was able to work for various renowned brands likes Red Bull, Burton, Atomic and travelled the world with the age of eighteen.
Since 2013 she found her way into fashion photography. The creative world felt like the perfect fit to show express her definition of aestethics.
After that she assisted leading international fashion photographers like Andreas Ortner, Kevin Sinclair, David Oldham, Gorka Postigo, Louis Christopher and many more around the globe, which gave her the opportunity to fully grow and establish herself individually.

Her work is defined by minimalism, simplicity and attention to detail.
Linda is now based in Munich, Germany and is available worldwide.

Clients of Linda Leitner

Peek&Cloppenburg, Laurel, Rebekka Ruetz, YKYWI, Quantum Courage, Deichmann, Red Bull, Atomic, Line, Airfield, Dimitri, Marlino, Wunderfell, Silk Sisters, ECKO, Status Quo, Lodenfrey, FIAT, ESPN...

Vogue (Germany), Elle (Germany), Harper's Bazaar (CZ), L'Officiel (Australia), Grazia (Croatia), Gala (Germany), Glamour (Mex, Bulg),  Miss Magazin, One Magazine (US), DesignScene,, The Kunst Magazine, Sicky Magazine, REVS, Harbor Magazine, QVEST, Quality Magazine, ...

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