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Die CARLING #MADELOCAL Kampagne präsentiert Euch die unverdrossenen 'PEASE BAY SURFERS' - Service Production by LS PRODUCTIONS

Havas London ist verantwortlich für die CARLING #MADELOCAL Kapmagne, die sowohl CARLING's Herkunft thematisiert als auch ganz allgemein den Stolz auf die Heimat bzw. Heimatverbundenheit feiert. Für den Spot mit den unverdrossenen Eis-Kaltwasser Surfern in Pease Bay, Schottland war Regisseur Rollo Jackson zu Gast an der sagen wir mal speziellen Surf-Location. An seiner Seite DOP Bobby Shore. Produktionsfirma war Somesuch mit Producer Tom Gardner. Die vor Ort verantwortliche Service Production war LS PRODUCTIONS mit Producer Deva Smith. 

Carling ist der Name einer Lagerbiermarke in Kanada, Australien, Südafrika und dem Vereinigten Königreich. Besitzer der Biermarke ist die Molson Coors Brewing Company. 1999 verkaufte Carling 1 Milliarde Pints in Großbritannien und brach damit den damaligen Rekord. Seitdem ist Carling das meistverkaufte Lagerbier im Vereinigten Königreich. Carling über Carling: "We brew Carling using only the best British barley, lovingly grown and harvested across the country, including from our very own Growers Group. All our barley is Red Tractor approved meaning it can be traced right back to where it came from."

Miranda Osborne, brand director Carling, sagt : “At Carling, we’re proud of the fact that Britain’s #1 beer is brewed by local people in the town of Burton-on-Trent. Scratch beneath the surface and you’ll find countless stories like ours – those of passionate, dedicated people making things happen in their hometowns. Uncovering some of these inspired us to create the Made Local Fund, our commitment to supporting new ideas and activities that will benefit local communities and the people that underpin them.” GoSee :
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'We are all talking about this shhhh.......' - LS Productions unterstützt Wonderhood Studios und Pulse Films bei dem Fundraising Spot für die Britische Charity COMIC RELIEF

Der Promotion-Spot für die Britische Charity COMIC RELIEF, gedreht auf 16mm, zeigt uns den Schauspieler Peter Mullan als Grosvater der seinem Enkel 'words of wisdom' weitergibt. Der Spot soll die Briten daran erinnern das sie in diesen unruhigen Brexit-Zeiten doch mehr Gemeinsamkeiten haben als ihnen im Moment vielleicht bewusst ist. Gedreht wurde in einem Wohnviertel in Glasgow - und ist, so LS PRODUCTIONS zu GoSee 'a showcase of the beauty found in the everyday'. Der Spot ist eine Kooperation zwischen Wonderhood Studios, Pulse Films und LS Productions und ein Liebesbeweis an die Britische Charity-Organisation COMIC RELIEF, die es in den letzten 30 Jahren verstand unglaubliche 1,2 Billionen Pfund zu sammeln.

LS PRODUCTIONS zu GoSee : "With a unit of sixty-five people shooting in a small residential flat, including one VIP talent and three babies with parents, the production team were all systems go; adapting to any challenges to keep the cogs turning behind-the-scenes so that this beautifully crafted ad could come to life on screen. The visuals in this ad are reminders of the everyday lives of people in the UK, hence the importance of sourcing an authentic, everyday home. The director wanted a 1960's or 1970's style flat within a residential tower block surrounded by other housing estates, with lived-in interiors that were full of character. The shoot location was secured the day prior to both the pre-light and art department prep. Our in-house production and location teams on-the-ground worked tirelessly to ensure the set perfectly met the brief for this national TV spot to appear the following week on BBC One."

Dank ihres Online Netzwerkes und guten Beziehungen zu lokalen Vermietern, Housing Associations und Councils, war das LS LOCATIONS Team in der Lage die gewünschte Location innerhalb von 24 Stunden nach Briefing verbindlich einzubuchen. Ellen De Faux, Senior Producer LS Productions, resümiert sichtlich zufrieden: "We provided world-class support in a short turnaround to achieve the work you see today. Glasgow provided the ideal backdrop so that the ad could present a universally familiar scene for everyone watching throughout the UK to relate to."

About - Comic Relief is an operating British charity, founded in 1985 by the comedy scriptwriter Richard Curtis and comedian Lenny Henry in response to famine in Ethiopia. The highlight of Comic Relief's appeal is Red Nose Day, a biennial telethon held in March, alternating with its sister project Sport Relief.


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'Above The Clouds - How the New BMW 7 Series Propelled into English Skies Without a Single Sighting' - der neue BMW 7 Commercial für Serviceplan und TP Films mit Support von LS PRODUCTIONS auf GoSee

GoSee Member LS PRODUCTION war als Service Production beim neuen BMW Commecial 'Above The Clouds' mit am Set: 'To relaunch the iconic BMW 7 Series model, a two-minute spot created by Serviceplan and shot by Tony Petersen Film, required the expert knowledge of production service company LS Productions to pull off the logistically complex airport runway shoot without a single person seeing the new vehicle. Contending with airports from around Europe, LS Productions sourced an exceptional location in the North of England with both the right aesthetic and the practical needs for the highly secretive shoot.

The newly-built airport location, yet to be opened to the public, meant that the crew of 130 people could conduct the three-day shoot with a greater amount of control than any other airport. Working closely with TP Films’ security team and forging strong relationships with airport staff and local authorities ensured that passers-by and press could not view the prototype car whilst the shoot was underway.

Brooding, atmospheric weather conditions were key to the film’s storyline. The film, directed by Dan Di Felice, likens the feeling of driving the BMW 7 Series to taking off in a private jet. To create the conditions of taking off in a storm, LS Productions worked in collaboration with an SFX team at Artem and local firefighters. They created a cloud of smoke and lashing rain as the car zipped down the runway.

The crew had access to the location’s two hangers, runways and a control tower all of which were outlined as essential in the brief. Its high spec new build also reflected the luxury of the car brand. The LS Productions team had ongoing conversations on-the-ground with airport staff about working together as the facility opens to commercial flights.'

Deva Smith, Senior Producer bei LS Productions über die Produktion: “We got to show off our brilliant locations that ticked the boxes of a tricky logistical and security brief, assembled a wonderful team and thus facilitated a cool script with some very talented people. On top of that we got to shoot on a runway with some proper SFX, a Russian Arm, a fire engine, a very cool car, and a quality production team from Germany headed by EP Carlo Walther. Dream job!”

Carlo Walther, EP & Managing Partner bei TP Films ergänzt : “We looked at airports across Europe for this spot, and LS put forward a fantastic selection of which two were shortlisted initially. It went down to the wire between one in Switzerland and another in the north of England. As security of the new BMW 7 Series model was paramount, and LS had vast experience of the security measures needed, it was the perfect collaboration between TP Films, the airport and LS Productions. I felt in safe hands with Deva and his team from the minute we started the bidding process right through till wrap. LS, the crew and the staff were professional, honest and a joy to work with.”

Brand: BMW, Agency: Serviceplan, Production Company: TP Films, Director: Dan Di Felice, DOP: Steve Annis, Executive Producer: Carlo Walther, Service Production Company: LS Productions, Service Producer: Deva Smith
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