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'I embrace the term 'activist' because I am one' - Powerhouse & Transgender Model Munroe Bergdorf in der September-Coverstrecke der TEEN VOGUE, fotografiert von THE MASONS c/o MAKING PICTURES

MAKING PICTURES präsentiert uns die TEEN VOGUE Coverstrecke September 2020 mit Munroe Bergdorf. TEEN VOGUE: “In light of a year of rebellion and revolution, this September Teen Vogue looked to The Masons to photograph their cover story featuring Munroe Bergdorf, a black trans women who trailblazes in redefining beauty, fashion, and culture. They wanted to spotlight the women who are at the heart of fashion but often left out of the conversation.”

“Yeah… It’s making sense of a lot of the things I was ashamed of and afraid of when I was a kid. Unearthing those things I’d really repressed for decades is a lot,” so Munroe Bergdorf über ihr Debüt Buch Transitional. “I’m writing about how we as queer people grew up without seeing our love reflected in the world around us. It’s a slog to write because I’m putting myself back into that headspace, all the way back to childhood.” Der Link zur ganzen Story hier (Writer: Thora Siemsen).

Photographer: The Masons, stylist: Michelle Li, stylist assistant: Michaela Quan, hair: Mikai McDermott, make-up: Bianca Spencer, prop stylist: Penny Mills, production: Making Pictures Productions, Ltd., Art Director: Emily Zirimis, Fashion Director: Tahirah Hairston
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'RENA' - Tanz-Performance von Choreographin und Tänzerin RENA BUTLER, festgehalten von Fotograf / Director Marcus SMITH c/o MAKING PICTURES in Chicago

Marcus SMITH c/o MAKING PICTURES realisierte ein freies Film und Foto Projekt mit Rena Butler, Choreographin und Tänzerin (Hubbard Street Dance Chicago), das wir Euch hier bei GoSee präsentieren.

Marcus : “We got to really vibe out and just have a good time shooting with no real goal in mind except to have fun. It’s been such a long time since I’ve done a ‘one man show’ type of shoot, and it was a reminder of how rewarding and stressful the early days were when I literally had to do everything myself. Kind of cool, but the suit Rena’s wearing was my birthday gift to myself this year, and I didn’t get to wear it due to being stuck in the house. It’s a cool suit, but Rena made it look way cooler than I could make it look. Sound on for maximum effect!”

Rena Butler hails from Chicago, IL. She has danced in companies such as Kyle Abraham / Abraham.In.Motion, Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company, David Dorfman Dance, Manuel Vignoulle/M-Motions, and The Kevin Wynn Collective. Butler trained at The Chicago Academy for the Arts, studied overseas at Taipei National University of the Arts in Taiwan, and received her BFA from SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Dance. Butler's choreography has been presented at The The New Orleans Museum of Modern Art in collaboration with Academy Award-winning jazz composer, Terrence Blanchard, CHTV Stories in Switzerland, and more. Butler currently serves on the Consortium for Chicago Dancemakers Forum. In addition to dancing in the company, Rena is HSDC’s Choreographic Fellow, and is a 2019 Princess Grace Award Winner for Choreography.
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'Summer Colours' & 'Quarantine' - detailverliebte neue Arbeiten der Stills, Jewellery & Produkt Fotografin Tais SIROTE c/o MAKING PICTURES aus London für Euch auf GoSee

Ob Ei, Apfel oder eine Litschi - Tais SIROTE c/o MAKING PICTURES verwandelt mit Ihrer Liebe zum Detail und ihrem Auge fürs Große Alltagsdinge in Fine Art. 'Quarantine' und 'Summer Colours' sind zwei neue Projekte, die wir Euch nur allzugene hier bei GoSee präsentieren. Wie kann man Ringe und Schmuck noch eleganter in Szene setzen? Viele weitere schöne Stills & Produkt Inszenierungen gibt es direkt via MAKING PICTURES.

Tais Sirote, also known as TAISODO, is a London-based photographer specialized in still life and product photography. She was born in Argentina but grew up in Tenerife, Canary Islands, which shaped her eye for photography. Her style has always been marked by attention to color and lighting and always trying new things and finding new ways to create images. Her photos are often mistaken for 3D renders and try to trick the eye of the viewer to make them wonder how they were taken. Her focus on product photography has demonstrated her skill in working with jewelry, beverages, ceramics, beauty products and all kinds of objects.
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