Matt Henry c/o Making Pictures

Additional Info // about Matt Henry

Brighton-based photographer Matt Henry works in narrative fiction, creating ambitious cinematic series which combine his imaginative storytelling with a confident use of colour and composition. Growing up in North Wales, Matt was obsessed with American films and TV shows and these influences still define his approach to image-making. 
He likes to create immersive visual experiences like The Trip and Blue River Falls, which provoke a heap of questions – What is happening? What just happened? What is about to happen? But Matt can also produce an intriguing narrative in a single image, as shown in his Short Stories project which was recently published by Kehrer Verlag. 
By playing with cultural symbols, often but not exclusively around Americana, his work packs a hefty intellectual punch which is heightened by its perfect technical execution. It has been exhibited in Europe, Asia and America, and Matt has been recognised by both the AOP and IPA awards. 
He is drawn to commercial commissions that allow him to exercise his storytelling skills, and he particularly enjoys working on projects that feature graphic shapes and bold colours, such as his recent work for Channel 4’s Dispatches.