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news | featured by GoSee ART : I just saw your mystery face.... - GoSee loves Jessie Makinson: Dangerous Pleasing, März 27 - Mai 10 | View Online

Lyles & King freuen sich Euch die erste New Yorker Einzelausstellung der in London ansässigen Künstlerin Jessie Makinson (b. 1985),'Dangerous Pleasing' - wenn auch online - präsentieren zu dürfen.

Die Galerie über die Künstlerin: "Teasing threads from art history and literature, Jessie Makinson readdresses a patriarchal past from a female perspective. Plucking themes and narratives from historical precedent, she creates a bold new context for the motifs she selects. Vivid colors describe tense, erotic scenes in which women are dangerous active participants, not passive permission givers. Makinson’s characters practice rituals, they embrace, plot and conspire. They hold sexual power and disrupt expectations, inhabiting a universe that surprises, delights and tests its audience."

Und Kate Neave führt aus: "Makinson’s characters seem motivated by jealousy, narcissism, and, desire. Her paintings bring to mind conspiracies and betrayals, invoking plot lines that could equally have been...

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