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Cool colors and strong shapes in the high desert : MATTHEW JONES fotografiert Lincoln Continental Coach Doors Edition für Lincoln Motor Company und Hudson Rouge in Palm Springs

MATTHEW JONES, Transportation Fotograf aus Atlanta, zeigt uns hier bei GoSee seine Fashion Forward Kampagne für Lincoln's 2020 Continental Coach Doors Edition, fotografiert in Palm Springs. Creative Director war Luke Partridge⁠ von Hudson Rouge, Producer Sara Gold & Ashley Bergeron Ford⁠, Retouching übernahm Recom Farmhouse NYC. Als Model stand Jessica Morrow vor seiner Kamera.

BRINGING BACK THE HEIGHT OF GLAMOUR : Following a thrilling limited run of the 80th Anniversary Edition, the Lincoln Continental Coach Door returns in 2020. Paying tribute to an iconic style of the 1960s with expansive center-opening doors, entering it means following in the footsteps of presidents, royalty and superstars. This encore edition of a timeless classic rises above the typical notions of luxury with the extraordinary Lincoln Black Label ownership experience to match.

Weitere Arbeiten von Matthew Jones auf GoSee oder direkt auf seiner Webseite.
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'East Atlanta Love Letter' ein markanter 1973 Dodge Dart Sport, elegant fotografiert MATTHEW JONES

'East Atlanta Love Letter' - a personal documentary exploring the underground shadows of Atlanta, Ga in a 1973 Dodge Dart Sport.
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'Sunnyland' MATTHEW JONES unterwegs mit einem Lincoln Town Car in Atlanta

MATTHEW JONES created a gloomy, cinematic tale of a lone wolf roaming the suburbs of Atlanta in his vintage Lincoln Town Car, culminating in a desolated parking lot of a classic thrift store. Parallel to the stills the photographer also directed and shot a short teaser, an ominous thriller that keeps us guessing.

Andrew Coleman at Recom Farmhouses's NY studio collaborated with Matt on developing the look, and color graded both still and motion footages that are dominated by the location's atmospheric neon lights. Enhancing the complementary hues Andrew matched the mood to keep it consistent between the two types of media.
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