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featured by UPDATE-21 : Zappos Kids - Spots & Photos, realisiert mit Fotografin Meiko Arquillos und Mission Photo Production in den Milk Studios, New York

'The creatives at Origami, Theresa Canning Zast and Meg Eplett, came up with the cool Eighties theme through the lens of 2019 for Zappos Kids. Meg created brilliant, concise line drawings that set designer Todd Davis interpreted into 3D set elements. Zappos Kids was shot and directed by Meiko Arquillos (both Meiko and Todd are represented by Redeye Reps). The shoot took place at Milk Studios in New York City. Styling: Mariah Walker at Art Department. Casting: Cast Partners. Art buying: Ayanna Quint, A Certain Quality.'

Mission Photo Production’s founder Mary Pratt brings over 20 years of expertise and industry passion to the table. Born in Switzerland, she is fluent in English and German, and also speaks Italian, Spanish and French. Mary’s immersive involvement with every job ensures smooth, worry-free and cost-effective shoots. Her vast experience allows her to liaise with photographer, director, agency, and brand. With the assistance of a strong production team and an active network of industry specialists, Mission Photo Production successfully produces shoots around the corner, and around the world.

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featured by UPDATE-21 : 'Having a dream' - einfühlsame Portraits für Sidewalk Labs, fotografiert von Rich Gilligan für Pentagram mit Support von Mission Photo Production

Mary Pratt bietet Production Services für Photography & Motion ab New York, kennt sich zudem bestens in den USA aus und setzt weltweit Produktionen um. Sie zeigt uns hier bei GoSee aktuelle News und persönlich trefft ihr die Producerin auf der UPDATE-19-BERLIN.

'When Pentagram calls, it’s bound to be an interesting project. This one was long in the making, but when the Sidewalk Labs shoot was greenlighted, Mission Photo Production hit the ground running in Toronto. Real people were cast by the stellar team at Milo Casting, with styling by Corey Ng at P1M. Creative direction was in the hands of Eddie Opara, and the images of people having a dream were made by Rich Gilligan, represented by Goldteeth & Co.'

About : Sidewalk Labs is designing a district in Toronto’s Eastern Waterfront to tackle the challenges of urban growth, working in partnership with the tri-government agency Waterfront Toronto and the local community. This joint effort, called Sidewalk Toronto, aims to make Toronto the global hub for urban innovation.

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featured by UPDATE-21 : Adidas Ozweego Produktion mit AD Chrissie Abbot und Mission Photo Production in New York City’s Lower East Side

'While on set together in Toronto, photographer Rich Gilligan and Mary Pratt from Mission Photo Production both heard from adidas. It turned out to be for the same project – how serendipitous! Art director and designer Chrissie Abbot masterminded the adidas Ozweego project with great attention to detail, a crystal clear vision and access to white glove archival material. Chrissie and Rich are terrific collaborators, and invited Mission and stylist Jamie Ortega into the ring. The images were shot in New York City’s Lower East Side.'

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