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blog | They call her " The Godmother of Producers"

A talk with “the godmother of all photo / videos producers”: Michelle d’Eze, the CEO of Montreal/Quebec Photography Productions

Providing Canadian and international clients with turnkey locations for TV, video and still photo shoots, Montreal/Quebec Photography Productions is a production company in business since 1984. Stela Glushkova had the pleasure to talk to Michelle d’Eze, CEO and Senior Producer, to find out more about the history behind the company´s success, their challenges, and the exceptional services the company provides to producers, photographers, art directors, and publishers.

Montreal / Quebec Photography Productions is in the business since 1984. Could you share with us what was your professional path and how did it all start with the company? My husband Serge Beauchemin is a renowned Canadian fashion and beauty photographer. I started coordinating his projects 40 years ago: locations, décor, props, casting, wardrobe, hair and makeup, crew, etc. At the...

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