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'Upside Down' – Fashion Strecke im HOOLIGANS Mag Oktober, mit Art Direction von NATASSCHA GIRELLI

Die in Kopenhagen lebende Kreative NATASSCHA GIRELLI, die wir gerade als GoSeeAWARDS Jurorin auf der UPDATE18BERLIN persönlich treffen durften, übernahm die Art Direktion des UPSIDE DOWN Fashion Projekts im aktuellen HOOLIGAN MAGAZIN: "UPSIDE DOWN is built on curiosity, respect and trust between the team. In the name of Hooligans Magazine we wanted to execute this editorial in a brand new way. Marina, Eliza and myself had this conversation about improving and experimenting within the business and within the traditions, so this is why we came up with this concept.

Eliza photographing UPSIDE DOWN in LA - all based on thew moodboard/brief I did and passed on to her, so she could proceed and execute the actual shoot without me being present. A vey odd feeling, but we had to try it out. When Eliza executed the editorial in LA, I was at the same time art directing another shoot in Cape Town. It was like giving a precious gift away. I felt good in a funny way. I was very exited to see how she would interpret my brief without me art directing on the actual shoot. I took over and did the edit and layout. Everythink in tertwined. We We are all please with the outcome. Eliza and the team being present on the shoot did really well. She added her royal touch to my vision. I see both Eliza and myself in our UPSIDE DOWN project."

You are welcome to read more about UPSIDE DOWN in the interview. You will find this and more amazing editorials in the last issue of Hooligans Magazine. UPSIDE DOWN is a brand new way to work together, this concept is built on trust, expertise and teamwork. What a sensation and challenge. To art direct a shoot from the other side of the planet... If you want to know more about this here is the link to the digital issue for free and my interview.

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'Fragments' in der 'It‘s all in the Details' Issue des HOOLIGAN MAG mit Art Direction von NATASSCHA GIRELLI

'It´s all in the Details' lautet das Thema der Oktober Ausgabe des HOOLIGAN MAGAZINS. Art Direktorin und GoSee Freundin NATASSCHA GIRELLI setzte das Kids Wear Editorial 'Fragments' für die Ausgabe um. Fotografiert wurde von Andrew Grimes, Solar Productions übernahm die Organisation des Shoots.

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'Sapology' – in der 'J'adore' Issue des HOOLIGAN Mags, Art Direction by NATASSCHA GIRELLI

Gemeinsam mit GoSee Nezugang, der Kids Fashion Fotografin Isabel Pinto aus Portugal, realisierte NATASSCHA GIRELLI die Strecke 'Sapology' für das HOOLIGAN MAGAZIN. "We did this editorial in the center of Lissabon. We were inspired by the soul of LES SAPEUR in CONGO. The incredible lifestyle and the uberstylish mix of african graze and exclusive global fashion brands," so die Kreative zu GoSee.

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