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Events • 'Mit dem Einzelfahrschein den ganzen Tag fahren' - Murat ASLAN c/o UPFRONT fotografiert die Kooperationskampagne der Deutschen Umwelthilfe mit den Berliner Verkehrsbetrieben sowie die EIZO Kampagne

21.01.2020 • Für Jung von Matt fotografierte Murat ASLAN c/o UPFRONT die Kooperationskampagne der BVG mit der DEUTSCHEN UMWELTHILFE. Am Sonntag, den 22. September 2019 hiess es in vielen Städten weltweit: Das Auto bleibt stehen! Um möglichst viele Berlinerinnen und Berliner zu Unterstützern des autofreien Tags zu machen, haben sich die Deutsche Umwelthilfe und die Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe etwas Besonderes ausgedacht: Mit einem Einzelfahrschein ging es einen ganzen Tag mit Bussen und Bahnen durch die Hauptstadt.

Und zusammen mit BUTTER Düsseldorf setzte Murat die EIZO Kampagne um. Anbei drei Motive aus Murats Auswahl.

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Events • #ReThinkHS2 - Annie Lennox, Chris Packham, Emma Thompson and leading environmental org’s representing millions of people are demanding a rethink of HS2, to save over 100 irreplaceable ancient woodlands #ReThinkHS2

18.12.2019 • 108 ancient woodlands are set to be destroyed by HS2. Don’t let this be their last Christmas. Make a pledge to stand for the trees at #ReThinkHS2.

Tuesday 17th December a new short Christmas film directed by Ornette Spenceley was launched starring Annie Lennox (with a new acoustic version of the song WHY produced by Mike Stevens exclusively for this film - music), Chris Packham (starring) and Emma Thompson (VoiceOver) who have joined forces to contribute to a film aimed at inspiring people to come together in what could be a last chance to Stand For The Trees. Our government needs to know that a green army are amassing who will not let our irreplaceable natural history be destroyed; this is one Christmas ad everyone needs to see!

More than 100 of the UK's irreplaceable ancient woodlands, and the wildlife they support, such as endangered bats, butterflies and barn owls are facing what could be their last Christmas, as the £100billion + mega project HS2 awaits a decision from our next government that could allow their destruction. Those who see the film will be...

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Events • Entire Pay-Film für die TOMORROW GROUP - Regie Peter FUNCH c/o EMEIS DEUBEL

10.12.2019 • Peter FUNCH c/o EMEIS DEUBEL was commissioned by the company Entire Pay to direct this short film that showcases the Tomorrow Group’s company mission. Aptly titled 'Tomorrow', the film describes how they are working to develop blockchain banking in developing countries to use local post offices as bank affiliates. He shot in Cape Town, South Africa and a little bit in Copenhagen with a really small team. The result is a hopeful film that gives us a bright outlook for tomorrow.

About - Tomorrow Group. We are a Danish Fintech group with a mission to give everyone in the world access to the financial system. Our belief is that sending and receiving money should be as easy as sending a text message. But today more than 1.7 billion people are excluded from the financial system. That’s why we ave set out on a journey to financially include 100 million people over the next 10 years. GoSee:

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Events • "Rape is a life sentence" - Die Kampagne entwickelt für POWA Südafrika von der Agentur Joe Public mit tatkräftigem CGI-Support von CARIOCA STUDIO c/o VISUALEYES

09.12.2019 • "It is an honor to have worked on a project that is so powerful and vocal towards helping rape victims through counselling." CARIOCA STUDIO c/o VISUALEYES zu GoSee.

POWA was formed in 1979 by a group of women volunteers in order to provide referral services and shelter to women experiencing domestic violence. POWA was the first organisation to establish a shelter for abused women in 1981, and pioneered second stage (or transitional) housing for women in 2009 in Gauteng.

POWA: "With over 30 years of history behind us, we have become an organization that is considered to be an expert on issues of women’s rights we are consulted by the private sector, government and civil society on educational and decision-making matters pertaining to women’s safety and enjoyment of their rights." GoSee:

POWA //Rape is a life sentence
Executive Creative Director : Roanna Williams
Chief Creative Officer : Pepe Marais & Xolisa Dyeshana
Creative Director : Assaf Levy
Art Director : Zamani Ngubane
Copywriter : Assaf Levy
Agency Producer : Tammy Chetty
Traffic Manager : Michele Lazarus & Kim...

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Events • UPDATE BERLIN Salon - DOUBLE T PHOTOGRAPHERS bedankt sich bei allen Art Buyern, Producern und Kreativen, die sie an ihrem Stand begrüßen konnten

09.12.2019 • Das DOUBLE T Team war auch dieses Jahr mit einem Stand auf der UPDATE BERLIN dabei und präsentierten die Portfolios ihrer Artists in einer gemütlichen Lounge. Dort begrüßten sie die internationalen Art Producer und Kreative zum Gespräch und zu dem ein oder anderen Drink.

Die ganz frisch aktualisierten Portfolios der 15 DOUBLE T Artists - von Film über Stills, Transportation, Beauty und Potrait - könnt Ihr Euch natürlich gerne und in Ruhe auf ihrer Webseite anschauen.

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