11.05.2017  •  Advertising NEWS


Die Opening Show der Amazon Fashion Week TOKYO 2017 S/S erhält Gold beim The One Club & ADC Global - das Video von McCANN TOKYO, TYO inc. und WOW inc. für Euch auf GoSee


Amazon Fashion Week TOKYO 2017 S/S

Director: Mitsuru Sameshima
Client: Amazon Japan G.K.
Production: TYO inc. TYO drive / Tokyo + WOW inc. / Tokyo
Advertising Agency: McCANN TOKYO
Creative Director: Naoto Nishio
Art Director: Natsumi Iwasaki

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Das digitale Opening Spektakel der AMAZON FASHION WEEK TOKYO erhielt bei der Kreativ-Gala THE ONE SHOW 2017 - entstanden aus der Fusion von The One Club und ADC Global - Gold im Bereich Design: Environmental / Museums / Gallery Installation. Dahinter stand. u.a. das japanische Kreativstudio WOW "WOW was in charge of the planning, production, and creation for the opening party of "Amazon Fashion Week TOKYO 2017 S/S," which was held in Omotesando Hills on October 17, 2016. We aimed to create a performance in line with Amazon Fashion Week TOKYO's idea of "a performance full of surprises the likes of which has never been seen."

With one of the key visual elements of fashion shows, White Cube (=white boxes), as a motif, we arranged 125 boxes on the wall above the stage in a geometric pattern. We began with projection mapping onto this wall of boxes and, in the middle of the event, used other devices and programming to animate the opening of their lids. We utilized the illusionary effect produced by combining projection mapping, box animation, and lighting. We believe that we enlivened the event by our creation of a space and experience full of surprises."