14.05.2019  •  Advertising NEWS


Glam Production produziert die BOLON EYEWEAR 'I SEE ME' Kampagne mit Hailey Bieber in Los Angeles


GLAM PRODUCTION produced Bolon Eyewear campaign feat Hailey Bieber

Director: Hunter&Gatti
DOP: Victor Ridaura
Production: Glam Production
Styling: Maeve Riley
Hair: Florido
Make-up: Denika Bedrossian
Manicure: Nettie Davies
Celebrity: Hailey Bieber
Set Design: Lauren Machen

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GoSee Member GLAM PRODUCTION, Spezialist auf Celebrity und Fashion Produktionen in Los Angeles, sorgte beim BOLON EYEWEAR Commercial für Unterstützung. Hailey Bieber ist in den USA das Testimonial für die chinesische Eyewear Brand BOLON.

The 2019 “I SEE ME” campaign is the new chapter of the BOLON individuality story. It is an ode to the celebration of individuality and women’s empowerment. It is about being connected to your surroundings, and being in the space where you feel most yourself. In this new campaign, Hailey Bieber is seen being free, embracing the freedom to be herself, connected to her true-self. Being authentic is the connection to Bolon’s soul, the essence of the “I SEE ME” story.

Hailey Bieber : 'I think it's important to work with brands that stand for something, and what I thinkBolon stands for is individuality, they respect diversity. I think the collection reflects that because there are so many different styles and so many things to choose from. I think Bolon wants people to be able to express their own style and I think they give people the options to do so with their glasses. Everybody should be themselves.'

Mit im Team waren Director: Hunter&Gatti, DOP: Victor Ridaura, Production: Glam Production, Styling: Maeve Riley, Hair: Florido, Make-up: Denika Bedrossian, Manicure: Nettie Davies, Set Design: Lauren Machen