07.09.2020  •  Advertising NEWS


STUDIO JOHANN COHRS introduces movement and gestures (M A G)


movement and gestures (MAG) – Matthias Oertel + Johann Cohrs

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How a simple movement turns into an impressive gesture … If a picture paints a thousand words, what will a film do then additionally? This is what inspired Matthias Oertel and Johann Cohrs to found the creative collaboration movement and gestures (m a g).

By combining photos and films, they create a dimension beyond well-known design levels – touching, surprising, detailed, and minimalist. Both films and photos are made at the same time and speak the same visual language. The core of the work of m a g is a thoroughly thought-through concept – cross-thematic with challenging aesthetic requirements. You can either book Matthias and Johann for a complete project – or only for development of the concept which can then be realized by your own specialists. GoSee : movementandgestures.com

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