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Art • GoSee Buchtipp :'Polar Night' von Mark Mahaney dokumentiert das roughe und faszinierende Alaska-Städtchen Utqiaġvik, versunken im zweimonatigen Winterschlaf

18.03.2020 • Fotograf Mark Mahaney besuchte Utqiagvik in Alaska, die nördlichste Stadt der USA und eine der nördlichsten der Welt. Dort geht die Sonne im Winter 65 Tage lang nicht auf und taucht die Umgebung nur wenige Minuten in grau-violettes Dämmerlicht. Sie gilt auch als 'ground zero for climate change'. Seine poetischen und entschleunigend wirkenden Beobachtungen zeigt er uns in dem beeindruckenden Projekt 'Polar Night'.

'Mark Mahaney’s Polar Night is a passage through a rapidly changing landscape in Alaska’s northernmost town of Utqiagvik. It’s an exploration of prolonged darkness, told through the strange beauty of a snowscape cast in a two month shadow. The unnatural lights that flare in the sun’s absence and the shapes that emerge from the landscape are unexpectedly beautiful in their softness and harshness. It’s hard to see past the heavy gaze of climate change in an arctic town, though Polar Night is a visual poem about endurance, isolation and survival.'

Erschienen ist der kleine Bildband bei Trespasser in den USA, in Europa ist das Buch über Kominek Books erhältlich (10.5 x 13.5....

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Art • Serpentine Gallery, London, zeigt mit Cao Fei 'Blueprints' eine Foto, Film und Multimedia Installation der chinesischen Künstlerin Cao Fei über Automatisierung, Virtuality & Technologie

11.03.2020 • “We are living in an age of rapid technology. We need to know that virtuality has changed the way reality works,” so die chinesische Multimedia Künstlerin Cao Fei. In ihrer aktuellen Ausstellung in der Londoner Serpentine Gallery (bis 17. Mai 2020) kreiert sie mit Hilfe von Film, Fotografie, Digital Media und Installationen eine virtuelle Welt, die sich mit der Transformation des Pekinger Stadtteils Jiuxianqiao, in dem sie lebt, beschäftigt.

“For me virtuality is a means to express myself, to understand reality, which is what I’m interested in. I use writing and film too, but we are living in an age of rapid technology and in this context, we need to know that virtuality has changed the way reality works. And to do this we need to be part of it.” Cao Fei

Serpentine Gallery: Cao Fei is a multi-media artist and filmmaker based in Beijing. Video, digital media, photography and objects all play a role in the artist's engagement with an age of rapid technological development. This exhibition brings together new and existing works in an immersive, site-specific installation, expanding...

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Art • West Contemporary Editions presents: ‘Sweet Nostalgia’ by up-cycle artist duo, SweetArt at Gallery Different

05.03.2020 • West Contemporary Editions presents ‘Sweet Nostalgia’ by up-cycle artist duo, SweetArt at Gallery Different, Fitzrovia, featuring giant iconic sweets and treats made entirely of discarded Quality Street sweet wrappers resulting in meticulously hand-crafted collages set behind glass, as well as limited edition prints. This is the second solo exhibition of the SweetArt husband and wife duo, Vic and Simon Dry. For this show, they invite the public to immerse themselves in the excitement of the sweet shop experience we all recall from when we were children. As well as their signature giant Quality Street collage artworks, other works pay homage to Toblerone, Liquorice Coils, Black Jacks and Fruit Salads, as well as the Lindt Bunny and Cadbury’s Creme Egg.

One of the highlights of the show for which many hold a sense of nostalgia, is the much loved Coca Cola glass bottle entitled ‘The Real Thing’, which has been a new challenge to create for Simon from SweetArt. One of the most iconic objects in pop culture and pop art since the creation of its initial ‘Contour’ glass bottle in 1915,...

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Art • RANKIN zeigt DISRUPTION ab 7ten Februar 2020 bei PETRA GUT CONTEMPORARY in Zürich, Schweiz

04.02.2020 • Photographer RANKIN launches the first solo exhibition at PETRA GUT CONTEMPORARY Gallery, showcasing iconic portraits and never-before-exhibited Polaroids from top shoots. Celebrating the start of their gallerist and artist collaboration, Rankin has joined forces with Zurich-based Petra Gut to explore his boldest portraiture. From international superstars to dancers and models, Disruption is a unique tour through the emotion, intimacy and humor evident in Rankin’s portrait and beauty work. “I’ve always been obsessed with people. I want to get to know everyone and know everything about them. I think this is why I love portraits as I get to spend one-on-one time with the great and the good and really find out what makes them them. Disruption is the first time I’ve had a show that is really all about that emotional connection. The works show sadness, happiness, nervousness, and confidence. Just like my portrait and beauty photography, this exhibition is all about a connection and a feeling.”

Opening up the door further into his artistic practice and the photographer/model...

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