30.03.2017  •  Art NEWS


'The Masterpieces hiding in Old Master Paintings' - Wissenschaft trifft Kunst, die beindruckende Arbeit LEAD von Alejandro Guijarro bei Tristan Hoare, London

Alejandro Guijarro Arbeit LEAD untersucht mittels Röntgen-Technologie und ultraviolettem Licht was sich hinter bzw. in alten Meisterwerken verbirgt - und findet eine mysteriöse Welt aus Licht und Schatten. TRISTAN HOARE London ist begeistert von den Arbeiten des in Madrid geborenen Künstlers und freut sich auf zahlreichen Besuch. Dies ist bereits die zweite Solo-Ausstellung von Alejandro Guijarro in der Galerie.

“Although he has made it with deep scholarship, Guijarro’s is not a dry enquiry nor a research project. It is a way of making photographic objects whose twin beauties perfectly complement each other. These lovely swirling or choppy marks of painterly activity are a beautiful reflection on what it means to paint; and, because Guijarro is an artist of great subtlety, also on what it means to photograph.”  Francis Hodgson, Art Critic for the Financial Times

Der Titel der Serie, LEAD (=Blei), bezieht sich auf die Omnipräsenz des Metalls in Gemälden des 17ten und 18ten Jahrhunderts. Und die Refkeltion des Lichtes von den Blei-Pgimenten ist letztendlich auch das was man in den Röntgenbildern zu sehen bekommt. Dank des Bleis werden die Gemälde somit zu diesen merkwürdigen Szenarien wie aus einer anderen Dimension und erlauben dem Betrachter Zugang zu einer ganz anderen Realität unterhalb der Farb-Oberfläche.

‘For LEAD, I worked in collaboration with the conservation and collections departments of the Prado Museum, Madrid, the Louvre, Paris and the National Gallery, London,’ so Alejandro  Guijarro zum THE GUARDIAN. ‘These images are reproductions of x-ray and ultraviolet photographs of celebrated old master paintings – including works by Van Dyck, Rubens, Delacroix, Goya, Da Vinci and Velazquez, among others’

Und Alejandro Guijarro führt aus : ‘At the heart of this series of work is a paradox: as X-rays they belong to the realm of scientific images, objective, possessing an unquestionable scientific truth. Yet, by their visual indeterminacy, they also exist in the subjective world of personal interpretation, the intuitional and emotional.’

Im THE GUARDIAN lesen wir weiter : "This series continues Guijarro’s investigations into the paradoxes and contradictions that emerge where the boundaries of the photographic image break down. His first major series, Momentum, was a three-year project which saw the artist travel to the great quantum mechanics institutions around the world. From Berkeley in California to CERN in Switzerland, Guijarro photographed blackboards as he found them, before reproducing them at a 1:1 scale. By undermining our recognisable modes of perception, Guijarro’s photographic practice aims to question the solidity and authority of the photographic image and its ability to refer to reality and truth." Das gesamte Interview findest Du hier theguardian.com//////masterpieces-hiding-in-old-master-paintings-in-pictures-alejandro-guijarro

LEAD Alejandro Guijarro . Tristan Hoare . Lichfield Studios . 133 Oxford Gardens, London, Eng W10 6NE . United Kingdom . 9 March - 28 April 2017 . tristanhoaregallery.co.uk