30.08.2011  •  Art NEWS


NEW YORK SIGNING •  GoSee Tipp : Paolo Ventura - The Automaton of Venice, die neuen Arbeiten zu sehen bei Hasted Kraeutler und auf GoSee

Nach "Winter Stories" in 2008 und 2009 und "War Souvenir" in 2006 folgt mit "The Automaton of Venice" die vierte Soloausstellung von Paolo Ventura bei der New Yorker Galerie Hasted Kraeutler.

Hier ein Auszug aus dem interessanten Pressetext zur Ausstellung : "The Automaton of Venice was created based on a story Ventura was told as a child. The fictional story centers around an elderly, Jewish watchmaker living in the ghetto of Venice in 1943, one of the darkest periods of the occupation of the Nazis and the rule of the fascist regime in Italy.

The city where the watchmaker has lived his entire life, now desolate and fearful, is the stage where this story unfolds. The old man decides to build an automaton (an anthropomorphic robot), to keep him company while he awaits the arrival of the fascist police who will deport the last of the remaining Jews in the ghetto.

Paolo Ventura's creative process for The Automaton of Venice was first to write the story as he wanted to tell it through the photographs. He then builds elaborate models in his studio out of sets and miniature figurines. The final works are the photographs of the scenes created within the models.

The Automaton of Venice is a photographic narrative from beginning to end. Five photographs from Ventura's newest body of work, "Behind the Walls", will also be exhibited."

Paolo Ventura's Arbeiten sind derzeit im Italian National Pavilion anlässlich der Biennale in Venedig zu sehen sowie in der Ausstellung "Otherworldly: Optical Delusions and Small Realities" im New Yorker Museum of Art and Design.

Zu dem Projekt "The Automaton" erscheint eine Publikation, im Vorfeld bereits erhältlich bei der Galerie (offiziell erst ab 2012) .

September 8 - October 15, 2011