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RCA Graduate Interviews: Fatma Bucak, Photography MA, und die grosse Frage nach der eigenen Identität

Fatma Bucak's Leben startete weit weg, sehr weit weg ...... Geboren wurde sie in einem kleine Dorf auf der - inzwischen könnte man sagen hart umkämpften - Grenze zwischen der Türkei und Syrien. Ihr Vater war nicht zu Hause, aufgrund von politischer Verfolgung. Ihre Familie zog als sie sechs Jahre alt war nach Istanbul, wo sie später Philosophie studierte.

Von früh auf kämpfte Fatma mit dem Begriff der 'Identität'. So erzählte sie GoSee das "man als kleines Kind mit blonden Haaren und einem sehr viel dunkleren Vater, Mutter und anderen Verwandten ein wenig durcheinander war. Ich war fünf Jahre alt und packte meinen kleinen Koffer um meine 'wahre Familie' zu finden."

Viele Jahre später packte sie ihren Koffer einmal mehr. Dieses Mal allerdings um Kunst in Italien zu studieren. Doch das Konstrukt der Identität liess sie nicht los. Im Gegenteil - die Fragen auch hinsichtlich kultureller Deplatziertheit ziehen weiter ihre Kreise in ihrem Gehirn. Und setzen sich folglich in ihrer Arbeit bis zum heutigen Tage fort. Wie bspw. in ihrem Abschlussfilm, wo sie als Frau auf 12 Archetypen an der türkisch-armenischen Grenze traf.

Can you tell us a bit about the work you chose to include in the final show?
My new performance work “Blessed are you who come, Conversation on the Turkish-Armenian Border” reflects and questions the displacement between people of different identities.

The performance is a confrontation of myself as an artist and woman in front of 12 old men, who become the performers and the audience at the same time. Certain issues such as male power, religion, cultural memory, presence and absence are brought into view and collide with iconic force against the silent, monumental power of landscapes in a Turkish border village, first home to the Armenians then to their Turkish-Muslims neighbors. The men’s conversation questions the idea of the performance as well as the inherent cultural clash with their everyday lives.

Why did you decide to study at the RCA?
I did my BA in Italy and I hoped to continue to study. I knew about RCA’s reputation from several friends who studied MA in Photography there. They recommended me with no doubt. I was so amazed about RCA’s study approach. Then I decided to apply for it.

What is your most memorable experience at the RCA?
I think its whole education system is completely different from others I got in touch with in Turkey and in Italy. My whole RCA experience has been very positive, with so many new things. It was great to have this constructive dialogue with other artists, students and tutors.

How did you celebrate finishing the degree?
A nice family dinner and a big party with friends.

How do you feel now that you have completed the degree?
I feel a sense of “in-between-ness” actually. On one hand I am happy that I completed my MA but on the other I feel a bit nostalgic.

And now for that dreaded question… what are your hopes and plans for the future?

I will continue to develop my practice. I have just began to work on a new series of work, one which involves other “artist-migrants” like me; in order to complete the work I will travel a bit more. I will apply for a residency in Istanbul.

What is your favorite place in London? Anywhere you find particularly inspiring?
I always wanted to come to London; it is such a inspiring city with so many opportunities and interesting people to meet. And I was right. Every angle of London is particular, you find everyday new inspiring places. Just yesterday I have been on Queen Elizabeth Hall’s lift where they installed a Martin Creed work. However I couldn’t hear the sound piece, because it was off, I found really exiting being on that lift accompanied by an art work.

FATMA BUCAK, Photography MA

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