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RCA MA PAINTING •  RCA Graduate Interviews: Simon Foxall, Painting MA, Künstler, Personal Trainer - und ehemals "schlechter Schauspieler"

Simon Foxall wurde 1983 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia geboren - und sein erster Berufswunsch an den er sich erinnert war Schauspieler zu werden. So war es kein Wunder, dass er während seiner Schulzeit für jedes Stück vorsprach - ohne jedoch die Rollen die er wollte zu bekommen. Eines Tages wurde es ihm dann selber klar : er war einfach ein schlechter Schauspieler - und beschloss umgehend dann halt Künstler zu werden.

Simon zu GoSee : "I think this has formed a huge part of my approach to making work and what I look for in it". Wir sind eigentlich ganz froh das er der nahezu brotlosen Schauspielerei die wohlgeformte und austrainierte Kehrseite zu gedreht hat – so geniessen wir umso mehr und in vollen Zügen sein ganz persönliches Drama in seiner Malerei.

Can you tell us a bit about what you have chosen to put in the Final Show?
After a year of making almost exclusively works on paper, I had been working in the month before the show on a series of slick paintings on metallic lycra, which in conversation with the chaos of my studio had a certain currency that I found interesting. Once I got them into the exhibition however, their slickness competed with the slickness of the space far too much and made them look impotent. So I had to recontextualise them somehow. In the end, the show was directly inspired by the studio with photographic imagery presented on a large scale, a drawing turned into a wall painting, and various other small works as part of an overall installation. Only one of the lycra paintings made the cut in the end...

Why did you decide to study at the RCA?
I felt the quality of the teaching and visiting artists/lecturers was very high, which turned out to be exactly the case! I also felt that the RCA was the kind of institution that would be able to nurture my kind of work and approach to making work.

What is your most memorable experience at the RCA?
It would have to be the trips - Madrid in the first year and Venice in the second year. Each one was fantastic fun - great locations with so many great friends. Trips like that happen so very rarely.

How did you celebrate finishing the degree?
Haha I didn't really! I had a few close friends over for dinner on the day of the graduation and the next day I got right back on with work. I'm not very good a celebrations since I stopped drinking! This week I have treated myself to an extra day in the gym. See, crap at celebrating...

How do you feel now that you have completed the degree?
Very strange. On one hand I am relieved that I can now get on making work out of the institution and there is that unhinged unpredictable feeling which is as exciting as it is unsettling. But the flip side of that is feeling suddenly confronted with my total absence of career! Which brings me on to:

And now for that dreaded question… what are your hopes and plans for the future?
I thought maybe I might just become a celebrity. Or a personal trainer. Artist/Personal Trainer has a nice ring to it, like singer/songwriter . But in reality, my first plan is to go to Sao Paulo. I have a two month residency there from August this year, so I will see how the world looks after that. I also plan to look into starting an MPhil in 2013. But really its all open....!

What is your favourite place in London? Anywhere you find particularly inspiring?
Tough - favourite place for what? I really love going to the gym and Fitness First in Soho is one of my favourite places - a place to really engage with the artifice of the process of masculinisation (and perve) and it smells amazing... I live near Green Lanes in North London which is a massive Turkish area with amazing food shops and restaurants so I love it there. I feel like I should mention an art gallery, being an artist and all that, but my favourite gallery isn't in London, its MACBA in Barcelona. Perhaps because whenever I go there I am on holiday and I think that is probably the best way to look at art.

Simon Foxall

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