16.07.2017  •  Celebrity NEWS


'Shifting Grounds' – Sänger Oh Hyuk mit Strecke und Interview im HIGH SNOBIETY Magazin - Grooming Yvonne WENGLER c/o BIGOUDI

Die Hair und Make-up Artistin Yvonne WENGLER groomte den aus Süd Korea stammenden Sänger Oh Hyuk der Indie-Band hyukoh für ein Interview des HIGH SNOBIETY Magazins. Fotografiert wurde er von Vitali Gelwich.

About - hyukoh is a South Korean indie band signed to DRDRamc and HIGHGRND. Officially formed in May 2014, the band consists of Oh Hyuk, Im Dong-gun, Lim Hyun-jae, and Lee In-woo, all born in the year 1993. Due to both parents being university professors, band frontman Oh Hyuk was raised in various cities across northern China (Jilin, Shenyang, and Beijing) from 5 months old to 18 years old. After finishing high school in 2012, Oh Hyuk moved to South Korea on his own to pursue music full-time away from his parents' strong opposition. Oh Hyuk is trilingual, speaking Mandarin Chinese, Korean, and English; and his diverse cultural influences are directly reflected in hyukoh's music. youtube.com