17.04.2017  •  Celebrity NEWS


Interview mit Designer Ini Archibong für den Blog FREUNDE VON FREUNDEN - die Homestory von Fotograf Yves BACHMANN c/o VISUALEYES ARTISTS

Ini Archibong über Ini: "Ini’s diverse personal and professional background influences and inspires his work. He draws from a deep expertise in architecture, engineering, environmental and product design, and design strategy as well as lifelong passions for mathematics, philosophy and world religions. As a son of Nigerian emigrants to the United States, and a resident of US, Singapore, and Switzerland, his work respects and acknowledges the rich cultural traditions from which he comes and has experienced. " Dies war sicher nicht der einzige Grund für einen Besuch der FREUNDE VON FREUNDEN bei dem Designer Ini Archibong. Fotografiert wurde Ini von Yves BACHMANN c/o VISUALEYES ARTISTS in seiner aktuellen Wahlheimat Basel. freundevonfreunden.com//the-light-fantastic-ini-archibong-places-his-tech-focused-designs-into-a-mythical-realm