14.11.2018  •  Fashion NEWS


'Collapsology'- der Fashion Film für das Russische Label BRIER WEAR von Regisseurin Daria Geller für Euch auf GoSee



Director: Daria Geller
DOP: Daria Geller
Client: Brier Wear
Post Production: Dmitriy Litvinov
Model: Vasilisa Izmaylova
Model2: Kirill
1AC: Artem Burko
Voice: Adam J. Morgan

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Collapsology is the latest work by award-winning Director Daria Geller, which was shot for the 2018 collection of Russian fashion label Brier. The film is the second video installment Geller has created for the brand in which she explores the relationship between self-destruction and love. The first one, Brier, won in the category Best Middle Eastern film at the Berlin Fashion Film Festival 2017.

With her latest work, Geller explores the theme of Collapsology – a term used to refer to the belief that civilization is destined to collapse. Interpreting this theme from her personal perspective and making it relatable by using relationships as an example, Collapsology reflects on men and women’s flair for self-sabotage.

In Collapsology, we are granted an insight into the thoughts of a man struggling to come to terms with the expectations others have of him. Feeling caged, trapped and filled with doubt, his crescendo of anxiety is reflected through the man’s internal monologue, visually expressed with quick bursts of emotionally charged shots, set against a dark color palette. In an ironic and comedic twist, his emotional distress comes to a halt the moment someone compliments his coat, a simple gesture capable of putting things into perspective and a way to return our focus back onto Brier’s designs.

Commenting on the film, Daria Geller added: “Collapsology describes a feeling that we are all too familiar with. The feeling of wanting to escape responsibility, concerned that those around you are going to be let down by you. But it’s also about having the realization that most of the pressure comes from within ourselves and remembering that all it takes to snap out of it are little acts of kindness”. GoSee : brier-wear.com