19.04.2017  •  Fashion NEWS


'Respect Wear' - Matteo BERTOLIO c/o VISUALEYES ARTISTS fotografiert die neue Kaschmir Kollektion von SOTTO METTIMI

'SottoMettimi is an innovative niche brand for its commitment to eco-friendly production. The perfect mix among Fashion, Performance and Sustainability. SottoMettimi was launched in 2014 with the mission to offer top quality and functionally performing knitwear. Inspired by pure and natural fibres, the italian style designs and restyles the Essential & Functional Trend, with sober but refined details, staying though totally committed to an innovative and yet eco-friendly production. Entirely Made in Italy.' Die aktuelle Kampagne fotografierte Matteo BERTOLIO c/o VISUALEYES ARTISTS. Die AGenut über ihren künstler: "Matteo has been with us since 2007 and has added countless fashion-, jewellery- and beauty clients to his portfolio ever since. Matteo has spread his wings and lives partly in Tulum, Formentera and Milan, where he also produces most of his assignments." sottomettimi.it