16.04.2017  •  Fashion NEWS


Looking interessant, feeling good.... Model Natalia Bonifacci im KES NYC Herbst/Winter 17 Mood Spot - Regie Kava GORNA c/o COSMOPOLA


Kava Gorna for KES F/W 17

Director: Kava Gorna c/o Cosmopola

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'Bringing minimalistic style in exquisite fabrics to the Upper West Side.' Kava GORNA c/o COSMOPOLA führte Regie bei dem Herbst /Winter 2017 Mood-Film für KES NYC. Vor ihrer Kamera in unwirtlichem Gelände agierte Model Natalia Bonifacci in schwarzer, windumspielter Riesenrobe zu Musik von Vince Nudo. DP war Jack Magee. Die Mode der gebürtigen Israelin Kes findest Du entweder online oder in ihrer New Yorker Upper West Side Boutique: KES NYC, 463 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, New York 10024.

About - KES. A native of Kibbutz Afikim, Lia Kes grew up in an idealistic Israeli pioneering community in northern Israel. The idyllic landscape of orchards, plowed fields and nature at its best filled her childhood and day-to-day life on a kibbutz. This influenced Kes as a person and as a young designer. Kibbutz life required simple, practical clothing, and there was a raw, down-to-earth integrity to garments made at the communal sewing workshop known as the “matpera.” From the youngest to the oldest, the entire community was outfitted with the matpera’s simple, functional designs, which offered exceptional quality and a certain utilitarian charm. The women who staffed the matpera inspired a young Kes.... kesnyc.com