24.03.2020  •  Film NEWS


RECOM FILM bietet Full-CG Lösungen und ein grosses Backplate Archiv mit HDRIs & Motion Content für sichere Produktionen am Computer ... und zeigt ersten Teaser ihres Full-CG Fims für CF MOTO


RECOM FILM : CF Moto - Trailer - FULL-CGI

Director: Andreas Justus Burz / recomFILM
DOP: Roman Müllegger
Client: CF Moto
Advertising Agency: KISKA
Creative Director: Rouven Steinke
Editing: Alex Schuster / recomFILM
Sound Design: Marvin Keil
Music: Stephan Schelens
FULL-CG Production: recomFILM

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'The whole industry is struggling because of the Corona virus. Travelling as well as on set shoots became almost impossible and simply dangerous. Does your production have to be cancelled because of Corona? We know; your product still has to be released on time and the virus is no excuse for any delay. Don´t panic - RECOM is still at work!

We know how to produce your film and still images in time - without any shooting or on set production. We offer a wide range of Full-CG solutions or access to our huge backplate archive with thousands of HDRIs and motion content. Everything absolutely secure due to our TISAX certificate.

One of our latest projects: a Full-CG movie we did for CF Moto just got released. Here is a small teaser to the film we will post very soon: Stay healthy – stay home!'

CFMOTO ist eine der beliebtesten Marken für All-Terrain-Vehicles (kurz „ATV“, auch „Quads“ genannt) im deutschsprachigen Raum. Egal ob beim professionellen Einsatz in der Landwirtschaft, der Forstwirtschaft, bei der Jagd, bei Hilfsorganisationen und beim Winterdienst, oder aber einfach nur zum Spaß.