20.03.2017  •  Film NEWS


STRANGE CARGO FILM präsentieren H&M Spring Icons Selected by The Weeknd, produziert in Los Angeles


STRANGE CARGO FILM for H&M Spring Icons 2017

Director: Canada
Agency Prod & Post: STRANGE CARGO FILM

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H&M präsentiert ene exklusive Auswahl kultiger Stücke und zeitloser Must-haves für die ultimative Männergarderobe – selected by The Weeknd. Der gefeierte Musiker stand hierfür in Los Angeles vor der Kamera. Umgesetzt wurde der Spot von Regisseur Canada, GoSee Member STRANGE CARGO FILM war als Agency Producer mit am sonnigen Set und übernahmen auch die Post. Den Film und einige Statements über den Spot hier bei GoSee.

CANADA : "Abel Testfaye (aka The Weeknd) says icons don't define him… and it is understandable, as he has made himself an idol of American music in no-time after a number of smashing hits. CANADA had the chance to shoot him in his adoptive town, LA LA land, to promote the release of his Spring Icons Collection for H&M".

"Abel’s taste and style perfectly fits the menswear mood of the season at H&M. He has such a great eye for the little details that matter, and for mixing together updated men’s classics for the perfect tailored streetwear look,” says Andreas Löwenstam, H&M’s men’s head of design.

“I had a great time selecting my Spring Icons at H&M. I love the mix of urban pieces like bombers and hoodies with tailored shirts and blazers. Every piece is both effortless and fresh, which is just how menswear should be," Abel Tesfaye, The Weeknd.

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